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Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor / News: Recent posts

Saxon forums on Redmine

Saxon has a bug tracking and discussion site for developers at http://saxonica.plan.io - unlike SourceForge, this is equally suitable for users of the open source and commercial versions of the package. The saxonica.plan.io site uses Redmine.

The bug tracker on the SourceForge site is no longer maintained, and all historic bug information has been transferred to the Redmine database.

The archives of the forums on this site are still available for searching, but new postings are discouraged (we have no way of preventing new postings without deleting the archives).... read more

Posted by Michael Kay 2012-10-18

Saxon is not available via Maven

Please note that there is no authorised distribution of Saxon in any public Maven repository. If you find Saxon in such a repository, it is unofficial and unauthorised.

The reason for this is that Saxon includes a number of third-party software components which have been made available under BSD-style licenses: these typically include the condition that whenever the software is distributed, certain formal notices must distributed along with the software. It appears that distributing via Maven is incompatible with this condition, since Maven allows the JAR files to be downloaded without the accompanying notices. If you upload Saxon Jar files to a Maven repository, and possibly even if you download them, you are therefore in breach of the terms of use.

Posted by Michael Kay 2009-10-02

Saxon 8.8 is in Subversion

Saxon 8.8 has been released, for both the Java and .NET platforms, in both the open-source Saxon-B and commercial schema-aware Saxon-SA variants. This release achieves 100% pass rates in the W3C XSLT and XQuery conformance test suites, a unique achievement. Follow the links from http://saxon.sf.net/

The source code for Saxon-B is now available in the Subversion repository on this site: patches for Saxon 8.8 bugs will be made available in this repository.

Posted by Michael Kay 2006-09-05

Michael Kay is now blogging

There have been no news items published here since 2001, which hardly reflects the significant events that have happened since then!

In the hope of keeping Saxon users better informed about day-to-day events, I have started a blog at

Let me know if there are things you would like me to cover there.

Michael Kay

Posted by Michael Kay 2006-02-04

SAXON moving to SourceForge

With the demise of ListBot as a free mailing list service, I have decided to migrate Saxon onto SourceForge. As a first step, I will use SourceForge for hosting discussion lists, forums, and bug lists. I expect that if all goes well, SourceForge will in future become the main hosting site for Saxon releases. Welcome to Saxon's new home! - Michael Kay

Posted by Michael Kay 2001-06-25