I have a very simple question:
I want to get the value of an attribute inside an XQuery:
Here is my XQuery in fact the document in the real life is itself a variable):
let $doc := document{<servicetree id='SER1735434134'/>} return $doc/servicetree/@id
This is almost working,
The result I get is => 'id="SER1735434134"'
My problem is that I only want 'SER1735434134'.
Is there a proper way to do this ?
Using $doc/servicetree/@id/text() return me the fowllowing error (which is logic in a way): The child axis starting at an attribute() node will never select anything
I have seen some former mails where this question was asked when the attribute value was get from an XSL but I've got no idea on how doing this in an XQuery ?

Pierre Martins