Thanks Michael for your quick answer,

I am trying to query the xml files (xbrl documents) with namespaces, I tried sample code given in saxon library in class with test case XPathA. I have declare the namespace but not getting how to set defaultNamespace and when I run the code its gives me error in Qname class "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Local name contains a colon". I have mentioned the sample code. plz tell me where I am wrong.

private static class XPathA implements S9APIExamples.Test {
        public String name() {
            return "XPathA";

        public boolean needsSaxonEE() {
            return false;

        public void run() throws SaxonApiException {
            try {
                Processor proc = new Processor(false);
                XPathCompiler xpath = proc.newXPathCompiler();
                //xpath.declareNamespace("saxon", ""); // not actually used, just for demonstration
                // xpath.declareNamespace("xmlns","");
                xpath.declareNamespace("xbrli", "");
                xpath.declareNamespace("bvf", "");
                xpath.declareNamespace("xsi", "");
                xpath.declareNamespace("xlink", "");
                DocumentBuilder builder = proc.newDocumentBuilder();
                XdmNode booksDoc = File("D:/XBRL/Testing/files/biovail/bvf-20081231.xml"));
                // find all the ITEM elements, and for each one display the TITLE
                // child
                XPathSelector selector = xpath.compile("//xbrli:xbrl").load();
                QName titleName = new QName("xbrli:context");
                for (XdmItem item : selector) {
                    XdmNode title = getChild((XdmNode) item, titleName);
                    System.out.println(title.getNodeName() + "(" + title.getLineNumber() + "): " + title.getStringValue());
            catch(Exception e){

        // Helper method to get the first child of an element having a given
        // name.
        // If there is no child with the given name it returns null

        private static XdmNode getChild(XdmNode parent, QName childName) {
            XdmSequenceIterator iter = parent.axisIterator(Axis.CHILD, childName);
            if (iter.hasNext()) {
                return (XdmNode);
            else {
                return null;

Thanks in advance.


On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 4:21 PM, Michael Kay <> wrote:
Make sure that line numbering is enabled when you build the source document (e.g. by using -l option on the command line). Then use the saxon:line-number() extension function.


Michael Kay

From: Geet Gangwar []
Sent: 19 October 2009 11:33
Subject: [saxon] help for getting line number


Can anybody please tell me how I can retrieve line number of nodes which I get through XQuery.

Thanks in advance


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