It is hard to help you without more information.
> What is the faulty XSLT code?

I think you have missed the point of my question.

There is no XSLT problem. The problem is with resolving relative URLs in XInclude instructions that are being processed by Cocoon when Cocoon is using Saxon 8.7.1 as it's XSLT processor. The problem was not present with Xalan and nor was it present with Saxon 8.6, or for that matter 8.5 either.

Something has quite definatley changed since I picked-up the latest Saxon jars (8.7.1).

If someone realy wants me to package-up a test Cocoon application because they want to, and are willing to, evaluate the problem in context then I will by all means do so.

The question still remains:

Why has this behaviour occured?


Philip Fennell

On 09/05/06, Florent Georges <darkman_spam@yahoo.fr> wrote:
Philip Fennell wrote:

> Is there a reason for this change?

  It is hard to help you without more information.  What is the faulty
XSLT code?



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