Thanks again, but reimplement an already existent functionality will cost too much time for me :(. This project is part of my Master's degree and I just have a couple months to finish all this stuff and write my thesis. Is there any older version of Saxon which fits my needs without this time/money cost?

Thank you very much,
Gustavo Honorato

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 6:33 AM, Michael Kay <> wrote:

 > Saxon Professional or Enterprise Edition are available without cost to non-commercials opensource projetcs?  
No, sorry, they are only available on commercial terms.
If you need the functionality of an extension such as saxon:line-number in an open-source application project, you can usually implement an equivalent as part of the application. Saxon-HE doesn't allow dynamic linking of extension functions loaded from the classpath, but it does allow "integrated extension functions" that are explicitly supplied by the application.
Information is here:

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