Check out my project for building dynamic websites with XSLT:
Works with Saxon and Microsoft .NET processors.
Trigger-ing the generation of pages when the data changes is usually harder (or more work) than dynamically generating the pages 'on the fly'. The latter can be optimized using output caching techniques.

2009/10/15 Ulrike Fischer <news3@nililand.de>
Am Thu, 15 Oct 2009 13:39:45 +0100 schrieb Michael Kay:

>> I'm using saxon9he.jar locally on my PC to generate tables
>> and rankings for a website from an xml of (chess)
>> competitions. This works fine.
>> But how can I install saxon on a webserver and trigger the
>> generation of the pages from various PC/browser? (I don't
>> mean that the pages should be generated on the fly when a
>> user request the webpage, I only want to be able to update
>> the pages from foreign PCs). Is this even possible on a
>> small, standard webhosting service with "normal" scripting
>> languages like PHP and CGI? And without any knowledge about
>> JAVA and .NET?

> I'm afraid there are whole books you have to read to learn the answer to
> your question.
> The first thing to know is that most "consumer" hosting services do not
> allow installation of Java applications like Saxon. This is very
> unfortunate, but true. You can find hosting services that does allow Java,
> but they generally cost a bit more; and it's likely that they expect you to
> be a bit of a techie, because you are doing something outside the normal
> profile.
> Apart from this difficulty, it's quite possible to invoke Saxon from within
> a Java servlet or JSP page, or any of the myriad toolkits built on top of
> that framework. But you'll need to be prepared for quite an extensive
> learning curve.

Thank you very much for you answer. You are confirming what I was
already suspecting as I couldn't find much on the net - only some
old references to applet-version of saxon.

I don't think that it worth to get this working. After all I can
download the jar and perhaps a script and run saxon locally. That
should work almost everywhere. Doing it on the server would have
been only a bit more comfortable. I will better spend the time to
learn more about xslt and xpath by reading your book.

Ulrike Fischer

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