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> Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 00:45:39 -0800
> Subject: [saxon] Loading collation files for saxon and fop
> Hi,
> If I have come to the wrong list, could you please direct me to the correct
> one? Thanks.
> My problem:
> I have my own java collation class. When I use Saxon to produce an XHTML
> file, I use the following command line to load the collation:
> java -cp "%SAXON_JAR%;CzechCollation.jar"
> net.sf.saxon.Transform -xsl:xslt\51HeadingsHTML.xsl -s:work\A.xml>
> work\htm\a.htm
> I have been producing PDF files using FOP and a command line like this:
> call fop -d -c fopConfiguration.xml -xml work\A.xml -xsl
> XSLT\51Headingpdf.xsl -pdf work\pdf\a.pdf
> I now need to add a Czech language collator (CzechCollation.jar) to the fop
> call. I went to the FOP site, but all of the information there seemed to be
> related to calling Saxon from within Java programs. (I do not know Java;
> someone else helped me set up the Saxon call above.
> I have added calls to the collator to my XSLT style sheets and now fop
> complains that it failed to load the collator. How do I do that or can it
> not be done?
> Any help or advise would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mark
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