I am new to this forum.
I am a technical writer working with DITA and I am a CMS administrator.

I have the following question :

When I export topics from our CMS, the DITA topics have a schema reference.

I want to publish the topics to RTF via the tool DITA2Go.

Therefore the files need to reference to a DTD.

I have an xsl script that does this conversion in combination with Saxon.

I use the following command in a bat file.

java -jar saxon9.jar -t -dtd:off -s:Input -xsl:conversion-to-dtd-wip1.xsl -o:Output > log.txt 2> err.txt

This does exactly what I want to do as long as there are no subdirectories in my "Input" folder.

Do you know if you can process all files in a folder including the subfolders with Saxon?

Thanks a lot

Lodewijk Nollet

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