is it possible to programmatically set the xpath_default_namespace and as well have more that one xpath default namespaces ?

in fact i would like to pass as a parameter to my xsl what xpath_default_namespaces to work with and filter all others.
My use case is that with the same XSL i would like to be able to process some elements having various namespace.

In the below example i would like to get all DIO elements of the namespace n1 and n2 and in another time get all DIO of namespace n1 and n3
my input xml file
                                <n0:DIO name="a"/>
                                <n1:DIO name="b"/>                                
                                <n2:DIO name="c"/>
                                <n3:DIO name="d"/>/>

Ideally , i would like to programmatically set the default namespace and also be able to have more than one xpath default namespace
xpath_default_namespace = n1 and n2
<xsl:for-each select="//DIO">   --->  and get as a result <n1:DIO name="b"/> <n2:DIO name="c"/>

Unfortunalty i can't set several xpath_default_namespace but maybe some of you have an idea.

Thank you