I am facing this error Supplied node must be built using the same or a compatible Configuration.

I am using saxon9 and I have not done any complications. Here is what I did.

My Xpath was like this ex: //Softcp/Infolink/Members

I wanted a specific node so I changed it to //Softcp/Infolink/Members[. = ]

Now i got node Members as

XdmNode memberNode which will have following value Ex:


Now when i try to set only this node as context to get <Name> node

Processor proc = new Processor(false);
XPathCompiler xpathC = proc.newXPathCompiler();
XPathSelector selector = xpathC.compile("Name").load();
selector.setContextItem(memberNode); //error come here

What would be the problem here?
or am I doing it right?

What ultimately I wanted to achieve is, I do not want to iterate among thousands of nodes to find one unique node. I want an direct xpath to get that node based on the node value.