Hello Mickael

Yes unfortunatly, this is what i am experimenting : only atomic values are passed.
In may case, I need to pass a complete nodeset in the parameter. I don't yet know the "map" in XSL.
Are the maps supported by Saxon B (version9)?
Where could i find an example ?

Thank you

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Date :        24/01/2013 16:00
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On 24/01/2013 13:58, Philippe.Favrais@continental-corporation.com wrote:
Thank you Christophe,
Yes, it didn't work because the node of $contextSparc was not named as the value of the parameter.

Now it works but i have an additional question, how should i do so that in the parameter
contextSparc i get the nodeset and not the atomic value.
In fact, I would like to be able to do someting like <xsl:copy-of select="

Thank you


Unfortunately the current interface for saxon:transform() only allows atomic values to be passed as the values of the parameters. Now that maps are available, it makes sense to allow the parameters to be passed as a map, allowing any kind of value.

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