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I believe that the known bug 548228, "Identity transform of DOM subtree" also affects the URIResolver when a DOMSource which starts at a node which is not the Document node is returned. The result is that the entire DOM tree rather than the actual Node given to the DOMSource is returned.
From looking at the Saxon DOMDriver class, this bug is simple to fix; in fact, the following trivial subclass which takes a DocumentFragment instead of a Document behaves as expected (well, at least as I expect).

private static class DOMFragDriver extends com.icl.saxon.DOMDriver {
    DOMFragDriver(Node root) {
      this.root = root;

// Here is how it is used
  private class SubtreeURIResolver implements URIResolver {
    Document m_doc;
    public Source resolve(String href, String base) throws TransformerException
         // code to figure out the Node in the DOM which we want to return
          Node retNode;
          // Make a fragment
          DocumentFragment docfrag = m_doc.createDocumentFragment();
          // This is what is happening inside SAXON to turn the DOMSource into a SAXSource
          DOMFragDriver driver = new DOMFragDriver(docfrag);
          SAXSource src = new SAXSource(driver, null);
          return src;


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