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        Subject:        [saxon] performance and NamePool synchronization

We are running performance tests on our app and find that there seems to be
considerable time spent contending for access to the NamePool, which
includes a lot of synchronized methods (version 6.5.3).

I wonder if there is any update to this to reduce the amount of
synchronization. In particular, it looks like allocateNamespaceCode might
have its synchronized scope reduced to the processing inside the if block.
Similarly, the two called methods first check if an entry already exists for
the prefix and URI, so they could have their synchronized scope reduced. It
looks like this might enable allocates that turn out to be lookups to
execute concurrently.

I note that saxon 8 has similar but not identical code. Is this a worthwhile
change? When we have a hundred requests we are seeing queues lasting several
hundered msec occuring.

Mick Woolley

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