I tried even that

 xmlHandler.startElement(XMLConstants.NULL_NS_URI, nodeName,nodeName, atts);

but no success. I tried with all local node names i have. I am missing something here do not know what :(


From:        Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>
To:        saxon-help@lists.sourceforge.net
Date:        10/12/2011 02:27 PM
Subject:        Re: [saxon] Parser configuration problem: namespace reporting is not        enabled

On 12/10/2011 09:49, Rajath.Sakkari@continental-corporation.com wrote:
Hi Christophe,

I tried with this

xmlHandler.startElement(XMLConstants.NULL_NS_URI, "", nodeName, atts);

but no success. The same error is thrown :(. As i donot have any namespace even localname is passed as empty string.

But that isn't what Cristophe suggested. If you followed his suggestion, it would work.

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