A performance increase on this scale is probably because of one particular optimization that your stylesheet happens to benefit from. There have been a lot of changes between releases and it’s not easy to tell what it might be; certainly you can’t expect general improvements on that scale.


Michael Kay


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Thank you for the fix.  It works fine and allowed us to complete the migration from Saxon 6.5.3 to Saxon 7.8.

We tried migrating once but had to roll back to adapt the application, then we tried it again and finally succeeded, not without very meticulous testing and adjusting our code.  The good things are that the migration is done and provides us with the additional features of XSLT2.0 and XQuery, our application has improved through re-factoring, but most surprisingly, performance has increased substantially and a complex process that use to take 12:44 now takes 1:41, almost 800% increase !  How can this be (but please don't stop;-) ?

Thank you.

At 08:04 AM 2/21/2004, you wrote:

Thanks for reporting this. It's another variant of
In Evaluate.java, line 114, after
            expr = expr.analyze(staticContext);

            ExpressionTool.allocateSlots(expr, 1);
I'll add your repro to my test cases - thanks for narrowing it down so tightly.
Michael Kay