Thanks a lot Kay for the prompt reply.


I am going through the links you have provided. In the mean time can you provide in formation on how many releases were there between 8.9 and




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The only differences will be bug fixes.


In the past, whenever we uploaded a maintenance release to SourceForge, we also uploaded a readme.txt file listing the bugs fixed in that release. When SourceForge reorganized their file release system, these readme files were somehow lost. I don't have copies, since we treated the SourceForge site as holding the master.


You can see an example of the kind of thing here:


I could raise a ticket with sourceforge to try and recover these files, but I wouldn't hold out too much hope. It is after all over six years since was released, and I suspect they were lost during the conversion.


Meanwhile, you can get the information by a more cumbersome route: at


is a list of bugs flagged against releases in the 8.9 series, and in the details for each one, you will find the release at which it was cleared.


You can also search for bugs on the Redmine database (where in theory all the Sourceforge data was copied) here:


Michael Kay




On 12 Aug 2013, at 13:34, Jayarajan, Divya wrote:


I am using a message oriented middleware tool that internally uses Saxon 8.9 as its parser. Now we are upgrading the tool which in turn means the parser gets upgraded from 8.9 to here I would like to go through the change history of these  Saxon versions. I have searched the site to get some information and I could find documents on version 8.9 but no documents were available on the minor versions of 8.9 

Can anyone guide me to get the links where the required information is available. 

Thanks in advance, 

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