You read my mind. :) After digging some more, my follow-up question was going to be: Why doesn't Saxon use Collator? That's probably what I'll do. I wish there was a way to do it that wouldn't force me to implement a separate, virtually identical class for every locale I want to support, though. And it doesn't look like Collator is configurable with regard to uppercase/lowercase.
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Have you looked at what's available within the JDK itself, e.g. the Collator class?
I don't know to what extent the locales built into the JDK are sufficient, but I would think that building something on them is a good place to start.
(Come to think of it, I'm not sure why Saxon doesn't do this as standard. It might have been something to do with having to work with Java 1.1).
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Is there an open source library of language-specific collating sequence implementations available somewhere? I'm looking for a German implementation of com.icl.saxon.sort.TextComparer and possibly some others. Don't want to have to reinvent the wheel if someone's already gone through the trouble. :) Thanks.