Hello !


Is it possible, to simulate an Getter/Setter Interface ?



The wanted way:


Instead of   <xsl:value-of   select=“//table/title“ />

Saxon execute the return as XPath: <xsl:value-of   select=“{//XPath[ @name=’Title’ ]}“ />


The {} like in       <xsl:result-document href="{$Zieldokument}" >


So an xml document defines it owne access.





                        <XPath name="Title">//table/title</XPath>




                        <td name="symptom">wet</td>

                        <td name="symptom">muddy</td>

                        <td name="cause">raining</td>

                        <td name="solution">get hat</td>

                        <td name="solution">wear boots</td>



                        <td name="symptom">hungry</td>

                        <td name="cause">lunch time</td>

                        <td name="solution">eat lunch</td>





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