There is no GUI provided as part of the Saxon product. There's a simple open-source GUI front-end provided in the "Kernow for Saxon" product, and there are more sophisticated IDEs that support Saxon in Stylus Studio or oXygen.
I don't know what the xQuery.jar software is, but I suspect the reason that it didn't work is that it isn't running Saxon. The form of URI supported in the collection() function is unfortunately not standard across products.
Michael Kay

From: Jeff Kish []
Sent: 18 December 2008 23:04
Subject: [saxon] collections with saxon gui

I am pretty new at this.
I downloaded the saxon free version.
I'm running on Windows XP
after some study I found I could use this one line .bat file to access a collection and run a simple query:

"C:\Program Files\Java50\bin\java" -cp saxon9.jar net.sf.saxon.Query -t -q:Collectiontest.xq

Collectiontest.xq looks like this:


I would like to use the GUI on collections.
I activate the gui with this 2 line bat file:

cd C:\Downloads\Utilities\XQuery\unzipped\dist
"c:\program files\java50\bin\java" -jar "xQuery.jar"

And get a nice gui.
But I can't get it to run against collections.

Here is the file I attempt to submit as an .xq file:


I get this error in the output window:

; SystemID: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\saxon\recipe\recipe01.xqy; Line#: 1; Column#: -1
Invalid URI {file:///c:/Downloads/Utilities...} passed to collection() function

there is no xml file as they are all referenced in the .xq file.
I tried this also with no luck (the same error):


I'm sure I must be overlooking something painfully obvious. Can someone help me get the collection function working with the GUI?