I found setMessageEmitterClass() in the Configuration object, but it’s rather inconvenient in that it takes the NAME of the emitter class, preventing me from instantiating an instance in advance with, for example, the logging object I want to use to log the messages.  Is there a way to set the emitter with an object instance instead of a class name?


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Saxon allows you to call setMessageEmitter() to register a listener for the output of xsl:message. Typically you can subclass the standard MessageEmitter. This mechanism was introduced before JAXP introduced the idea of sending message output to the ErrorListener, a feature which I never implemented because I couldn't see how to do it without breaking existing applications.


Michael Kay



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Subject: [saxon] Transformer.setErrorListener() and <xsl:message...>

Does Saxon B9 allow capturing the text of <xsl:message…> tags?


I tried attaching an ErrorListener to the Transformer with setErrorListener(), but the listener’s methods are not invoked for <xsl:message>, with or without terminate=”yes”.