I am using Saxon with Java 6 on Windows XP.


I have an XMLFilterImpl from which I wish to be able to abort processing of the input document under certain circumstances, I then wish to log this event.


I have extended SAXException with my own exception class SkipProcessingException, which I throw from XMLFilterImpl.endElement() under certain circumstances.


For my transform I have something like –






Catch(XPathException xpe)


            if(xpe.getException() instanceof SkipProcessingException)

                        //log that we skipped this one



I am unable to get back details of my SkipProcessingException, looking at line 413 of net.sf.saxon.event.Sender, I am wondering why it is that in the first case it doesn’t reference the SAXException (line 415) and in the second case it does line 418.


Is there something that I can do, so that I can receive the underlying SAXException from the XPathException?


Thanks Adam.