Andrew, Michael,


So I got confirmation that has been removed from the latest versions, I also though build an assembly with a web control for the .net environment.

Then you will hear from me soon.


Thank you for the prompt answer.


Juan C Alfonso



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Subject: Re: [saxon] Saxon client-side use?


I think the applet was largely using JAXP interfaces, so it would probably still work. I removed it from the distribution mainly because it was awkward to test and support - too many configuration dependencies on things like browser security settings. It should in principle be possible to run Saxon as an applet in the browser -the main drawback is that it's a rather large JAR file so you wouldn't get a good response on first loading.


Michael Kay


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Sent: 12 June 2008 19:33
Subject: [saxon] Saxon client-side use?

We have a project where the data it is transformed in the server-side using saxon xslt2.0.

What is the best method to do a transformation in client – browser.

I saw the applet implementation, but I think it is using the previous API.


Juan C Alfonso