It's surprising to get differences between platforms, but it's not impossible. It might be Eclipse-related rather than Linux-related. I won't be able to do detailed investigation, but if you post some information about the stylesheet or query and the stack trace I may get some ideas.
Michael Kay 

From: [] On Behalf Of Miguel Caro Cuenca
Sent: 29 March 2006 17:03
Subject: [saxon] saxon and linux

I was wondering if there is a bug detected in the library saxon when used in Linux.
Actually my problem is the enxt.
I have compile and run a program using eclipse in Windows.
However, I thougth I could se the same sources when using Linux. Then I create a new project in my Linux version of eclipse, and copy the ources and past them here.
It compiles however, when I run it , eclipse throws an exception (indexOutOfBound), becasue of java.lang.System.arraycopy.
I checked it and it is only used in the saxon8.jar file
CAn you help me with that please.
Thanks in advance
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