It's really Java trying to access the remote site on Saxon's behalf...
I expect you're probably behind a proxy. Java usually picks up the proxy settings automatically from the browser settings, but this doesn't always seem to work. I'm afraid I'm no expert on this, and it's difficult to diagnose remotely.
There are various system properties you can set, things like
JDK 5 also has a property which enables a new automatic configuration feature.
I'm afraid that's about all I know. Perhaps there's someone on the list who can give more detailed help.
Michael Kay

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Sent: 22 February 2006 13:43
Subject: [saxon] Connection timed out:

I’m a beginner with XML, XSLT and all that stuff.


I’m using Morphon 3.1.4 to edit XML dockbook style document, and I try to edit some slides. To do so I’ve download the docbook-slides-demo-3.4.0 from the net and try to convert it in html with Morphon.


Unfortunately the SAXON XSLT fail with error message like “unable to find some file on the net”.


I then donwload the last bersion of SAXON from the net and ran the process from a DOS command line:

>java –jar saxon8.jar –t ..\slides.xml ..\..\..\xsl\html\default.xsl > ..\slides.html


The process, after a while, comes out with the error message:

XTSE0165: Connection timed out: connect

And then a lot of error messages relating access error to http site.


My Internet link works properly, but it seems that SAXON did not succeed to access release web site.


Any help will be greatly appreciate







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