You can certainly use a file:// URL. If you want it to be interpreted in any kind of non-standard way (e.g firing off a program) you can achieve this by supplying your own URIResolver. This is a standard feature of the JAXP API. The URIResolver returns a Source object, which might for example be a StreamSource that wraps a StringReader.
Be aware of security issues if the stylesheet you are executing is untrusted.
Michael Kay

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Sent: 21 February 2006 21:27
Subject: [saxon] xsl:include/xsl:import href=...


I am running saxon at the command line in a batch oriented system.

Is there any way to use a file:// url in the href attribute, and have the (program) file referenced
be executed and return the required stylesheet document, perhaps on standard output?

Is there another way to do this?

Would saxon support this?  or does it need to get the response off http?

Thanks !

And thanks for a great product too!