I'm afraid the attachments didn't make it through. Try posting on the "support requests" section of the SourceForge site, which handles attachments well.
Presumably org.apache.xpath.NodeSet implements the DOM NodeList interface, otherwise it would never have worked in the past.
I was forced to make changes to the way DOM is supported in 8.4 because of the incompatibilities introduced to the DOM spec between JDK 1.4 and JDK 1.5, and I'm afraid a few problems like this are the inevitable consequence.
One thing I notice is that you don't seem to have saxon8-dom.jar on the classpath. Without seeing your code, it's possible that this could explain the problem on its own, since Saxon will only recognize DOM nodes (or other external object models such as JDOM and XOM) if the support classes are loaded.
Michael Kay
PS: it makes it easier for people searching the archives (including me) if you use a more descriptive subject for the email.

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Subject: [saxon] Suspected Bug

I believe there is a bug in Saxon b8-4.
I have attached a jar file with a makefile, xslt,xml, and extension file.
(I have not attached the jar files being used for size of email reasons.  I could send this  separately if required.)
When I run this with saxonb8-4 there is the following compile time error.
java -classpath "saxon8.jar;saxpath.jar;jaxen-full.jar;xalan.jar;." net.sf.saxon.Transform -o testExtensionOut.xml  test
Extension.xml  testExtension.xsl
Warning: on line 17 of file:/f:/tmp/xsltbug/testExtension.xsl:
  Required item type of @select attribute of xsl:apply-templates is node(); supplied value
  has item type java:org.apache.xpath.NodeSet. The expression can succeed only if the
  supplied value is an empty sequence.
Error on line 17 of file:/f:/tmp/xsltbug/testExtension.xsl:
  XTTE0520: Required type of @select attribute of xsl:apply-templates is node(); supplied
  value has type java:org.apache.xpath.NodeSet
Failed to compile stylesheet. 1 error detected.
This doesnt happen with the previous version of saxon8 (b8-3) and it works in saxon7.
Moreover if I comment out the code which throws the error in 8-4 it works as well.
In the stylesheet we are trying to do to exactly what the saxon 'eval' extension is trying to do. We pass in an xpath to a node, in order to start xslt processing from the node.
(We are going to switch to this but still the potential bug identified stands.)


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