Saxon supports the syntax of copy-namespaces, but if you use the value no-preserve you get an error message that it's ignored.
The basic functionality of copying an element without copying its namespaces is there in the product (and used in XSLT) but it's not yet wired up to the syntax of the query prolog. Sorry.
I don't want to give the impression of bias, but XSLT 2.0 actually gives you a lot more control over namespaces than XQuery 1.0 does, so if the only purpose of this transformation is to adjust the namespaces, it may be worth using XSLT for that part of the job.
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Sent: 07 April 2005 16:09
Subject: [saxon] copy-namespaces declaration?


Does Saxon XQuery support the "copy-namespaces" declaration? See
Example usage is:
declare copy-namespaces preserve, no-inherit;

Alternatively, is there some other mechanism whereby we can either control or hint to Saxon how we'd like namespace declarations to work. The issue is that we have a situation where we are combining a number of documents together and are hoping to tidy up the output by having then namespace declarations on the root element and not distributed throughout the tree.

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