The classes javax.xml.namespace.QName and javax.xml.xpath.XPathVariableResolver are both in the jaxp-api.jar file, so if they aren't being found, then Java isn't finding this JAR file on your classpath. Check the classpath very carefully - Java doesn't give you any error messages if you spell the name incorrectly.
A useful test is to use exactly the same classpath, and type
javap javax.xml.namespace.QName
If that fails, then you know that the problem is nothing to do with Saxon.
If you still have problems, please let is know exactly what you are doing.
Michael Kay

From: [] On Behalf Of Muhammad Masoom Alam
Sent: 20 February 2005 13:36
Subject: [saxon] problems in configuring Saxon

Dear all,
I am new user of Saxon
i have problems in confirguring Saxon compiler on my system.
All libraries are on the class path , but still i am getting errors for not resovling some thing e.g.
samples package contains one java file it is giving me 2 errors
1. The interface XPathVariableResolver cant be resolved
2. The type javax.xml.namespace.Qname cannot be resolved It is indirectly referenced from required .class files
I am using Jdk 1.4 and using dom.jar and jaxp-api.jar seperately as in the installation instruction