No, sorry, this information is not sent to the trace listener. The select expression on the xsl:value-of instruction should be available, but not its result. 
Michael Kay

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Sent: 20 January 2005 18:14
Subject: Re: [saxon] another TraceListener Problem

Michael Kay schrieb:
At the time the trace listener is notified of the entry to a for-each, the context node is the node used as the context node for evaluating the select expression on the for-each - that is, the outer context, not the inner context. It then calls startCurrentItem and leaveCurrentItem for each item processed by the for-each.
Okay - thank you! It works good if I get the source path from the startCurrentItem() method.

Now I have again an other problem to get the real nodes, that will be used by the value-of command. Is there a possibility to get this? I only get the context of the for-each around the value-of. This might be a little bit more tricky, cause the result of the value-of could be a string or something, too.. I need the node/node-set that is visited by the value-of.
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