On investigating further, I've found that there are cases where tail-call optimization was being used in previous releases and is not occurring in 8.2.
Michael Kay

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Subject: [saxon] Too many nested xsl:call-template calls in Saxon 8.2

How many is too many? I know this particular set of templates recursed 141 times which did work properly in Saxon 7.8 and ran in about 400 ms.

I know it's brutal recursion but it computes Gannt chart multiple dependency critical path with a fairly small code set. I wouldn't want to try it in procedural code. It would probably run many times faster and take many times longer to code in Java.

And Re: the  regex error about escaping "+": Thanks very much. I was really wondering if the error report should include the stylesheet line number.

Thanks again for your continued patience,

Roger Kovack
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