The input to Saxon must be a well-formed XML document, and for an XML document to be well-formed, any entities it refers to must be declared in the DTD. Entities like á are not built-in with XML the way they are with HTML. There are files you can include that contain definitions of these entities, but I'm afraid I don't know offhand where to find them: search for "ISO Latin-1 XML entity declarations".
Michael Kay

From: [] On Behalf Of Marisol González R
Sent: 08 November 2004 19:29
Subject: [saxon] entity &aacute

I'm using the latinAmerica unicode to parse a xml file with a stylesheet and convert it to wml but I have a problem when I parse a document (.xml), the parser does recognize the á, ó, etc. but not the &aacute,&eacute, .. throwing an exception of Entity not Recognized. Do I have to change all these entities for the equivalent character? Or is there another option???
I'm using sax 6.5.3 with a java app. on unix ..

please help,

Marisol Gonzalez.

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