I'm afraid it's very difficult to give you help with this, as it's clearly some kind of configuration problem, and you have only given very skimpy information about your configuration and about the stylesheets you are running. You haven't even given the full error message.
When Saxon reports that it has found duplicate global variable declarations, it usually reports the line number and module of both declarations. If these are the same, then it might be that you have included the same module more than once. What is the error message, and what is in your stylesheet?
Michael Kay

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Subject: RE: [saxon] Xalan to Saxon

I tired running samples with duplicated variables. They are running perfectly. But when I moved them to web application environment the same samples giving me Duplicate global decleration exception. Can somebody please help me on this?





From: saxon-help-admin@lists.sourceforge.net [mailto:saxon-help-admin@lists.sourceforge.net] On Behalf Of Srinivas Rao Ch
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Subject: [saxon] Xalan to Saxon


I am trying change my XSL processor to saxon from xalan. I am facing some problems while doing.

1. I am running my Tomcat from Eclipse environment, and saxon is expecting the xsl pages at eclipse home rather inside the webapp home.

2. Then, I copied the files to eclipse home. I am getting the following exception
javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException: net.sf.saxon.xpath.StaticError: Duplicate global variable declaration (see line 70 of file:/E:/eclipse/local/hig/searchresults_common.xsl)

I cleared the duplicate variables, and still getting the same problem even if there no duplicate variables.

I added saxon jars to my WEB-INF\lib. Do I need to do anything. And, I passed -Djavax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory=net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl to java.

Am I missing anything else?

Any help is greatly appreciated.