The document() function is supported in all versions of Saxon.
I notice that the URLs you are using of the form http://localhost/hrGroup.xml. The most likely reason that the function is "not working" is that you do not have a web server that is responding to these URLs. For example, your web server may be configured to use a different port. Do they work if you type them into a browser?
Why are you using http://localhost  URLs? Wouldn't it be easier to use file system URLs, e.g. file:///a/b/c/document.xml, or relative URLs such as "document.xml"?
Michael Kay

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Sent: 26 May 2004 09:17
Subject: [saxon] xsl function help

We are a banking company in South Africa that is trying to use the xsl document() function >
 <xsl:value-of select="document(@href)//some_node"/>

The function is working on a local pc which dont use Saxon to do the transormation,
but when we try to put it on our server, which uses Saxon to do the transformation,
it dont work.

Is it possible if you can tell is if saxon support this xsl function > document()? and which version
of saxon.

Many Thanks

Renier Breytenbach