Somewhere in the body of your function, which you haven't shown us, is an expression whose value depends on the context item, which as I imagine you know, is undefined within a function body. If you show us your code then we can help you find where the dependency lies.


Michael Kay

From: []
Sent: 05 June 2009 18:25
Subject: [saxon] "The context item is undefined at this point" error message

I’m getting a similar error to what has been reported in the past.


I’m using Oxygen 10.2 with Saxon SA-


I define a function

<xsl:function name="lib:my_name" as="item()*">


There are <xsl:sequence> elements in “when” clauses in the function body, and an <xsl:if test="exists($data)"> that surrounds the ‘meat’ of the function body.


If the sequence elements are commented out, I don’t get the "The context item is undefined at this point" error message.  But when they are uncommented, I get the error message.  The “if” may prevent anything at all from being returned, which is what the “item()*” is supposed to allow.




Thanks, Mike

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