Hi there again!

I've now (almost) set up my XSLT 2 project and aside from the annoying crashes with the "JNI_CreateJavaVM() failed with result-5" errors* I'm quite content with Saxon/C, thinking this is the best Saxon integration for PHP programmers.

But I'm wondering whether I could do something to improve the performance. For large selections or complicated searches the whole process takes 6 seconds at maximum, which is not very fast for a web application.

My source xml data changes rather rarely. So, I think it could be at least possible to keep the pre-parsed XML data in the server's main memory, maybe using memcache, couldn't it?

If so: How do I do that in the Saxon PHP extension?

Are there additional options for performance of Saxon/C PHP extension planned in the future? Maybe using pre-compiled stylesheets?

Thanks in advance and best regards

* But as far as I understand, O'Neil is already doing his best to solve that issue. So, I think that's only a matter of time.