Hi all,

I finally managed to get Saxon/C PHP extension to work! (Thanks again to O'Neil and Ruprecht!)

But I didn't succede in passing Parameters to Saxon.

In my stylesheet a parameter is defined like this:

<xsl:param name="is_default" as="xs:string" select="'true'"/>

I tried to set the parameter in PHP with
$xslt_processor_instance->setParameter('is_default', 'false');

But calling a test XLST file with the line
<xsl:value-of select="$is_default"/>
resulted in the default value "true" instead of the passed value "false".

So, obviously the parameter passing didn't work.

In the documentation the function setParameter is explained:
void setParameter(string $name, XdmValue $value)
There are just two parameters

But in the sample files there is for example the line
$proc->setParameter('', 'assertion', $xdmValue);

What is that empty first parameter '' ?

By the way, I also tried
$xslt_processor_instance->setParameter('','is_default', 'false');
but with the same result.

What do I wrong?

Thanks in advance!