Saxon-SA contains Saxon-B as a subset, so you can just switch it in and change nothing; but then you won't be getting any benefit from it.
The minimum change to start getting benefits is to switch to an SA configuration, which you can do by setting the -sa option on the command line, or getting a SchemaAwareConfiguration or SchemaAwareTransformerFactory if using the Java API. This will give you the more advanced optimizer available in Saxon-SA.
But some of the more advanced features in Saxon-SA require considerable investment. Schema-Awareness will involve added type declarations to your stylesheets and queries, for example.
It sounds as if the feature you are most interested in is the ability to stream large documents. This is described at
As you will see from that description, it's not something you can simply switch on: you will have to think quite carefully about how to structure your application to take advantage of it. But the benefits can be very significant.
Michael Kay

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Sent: 10 July 2008 09:27
Subject: [saxon] How do I migrate from Saxon to Saon SA?


      I have processing of XML of size around 200MB.. XML size can even be more than this. I m curenly using Saxon. Read on net that Saxon SA is an option for it .. Now I need to know how do I migrate from Saxon to Saon SA?

Thanks in advance

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