I've tried SetError too.

The XSLT is definitely generating a message. If I set terminate to yes on the message the code quite happily errors at the expected point.

The offending code is below - it's basically running a sequence of transformations set up in xsltTransformers ... if anyone can spot a blooper I'd be very grateful - I've stared at it for several hours now with no luck.



private bool ProcessSaxon(string sourceURI)


XdmNode sourceNode = processor.NewDocumentBuilder().Build(new Uri(sourceURI));

Serializer serializer = new Serializer();

serializer.SetOutputStream(new FileStream("c:/temp/schematofo/SaxonTest.xml", FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write));

XdmDestination results = new XdmDestination();

int transformCount = 1;

TextWriter consoleOut = Console.Out;

TextWriter consoleError = Console.Error;

TextWriter saxonOutput = new StringWriter();

TextWriter saxonErrorOutput = new StringWriter();



foreach (XsltTransformer transformer in xsltTransformers)


saxonOutput.WriteLine("Processing XSLT: " + transformCount);

saxonErrorOutput.WriteLine("Error stream ...");

transformer.InitialContextNode = sourceNode;

if (transformCount != xsltTransformers.Count)



sourceNode = results.XdmNode;







saxonErrorOutput.WriteLine("End of error stream ...");







return true;


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Subject: Re: [saxon] xsl:message and .Net

By default, xsl:message output goes to System.Console.Error, not to System.Console.Out.
I'm planning to add a MessageListener property to the XsltTransformer class in the next release, to allow more sophisticated application control over xsl:message output.
Michael Kay

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Subject: [saxon] xsl:message and .Net

I'm just starting to implement Saxon.Net and am trying to retrieve the output from xsl:message (terminate set to 'no'). Am I correct in thinking this should go to System.Console? I'm redirecting this to a stream using .SetOut but nothing is appearing in the stream other than text I'm outputting to the console before and after the transformation.
Am I barking up the wrong tree?
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