Hi All,
I have benefited greatly from the members in the XSL/Saxon communities, and I would like to contribute myself.

I have recently worked up a primitive collection of functions designed to allow XSL to do vector analysis and linear algebra. It handles things like finding projections onto linear subspaces, cofactors, adjoints, determinants, and minors. It can also invert matrices and solve systems.

I have in conjunction written up an implementation of a solver for doing robust non-linear regression for a data set. Notably, some dedicated statistical analysis software (e.g., R) does not have this capability.

All of the above is written in XSL (i.e., not java). So "extension" is probably the wrong word to use for this, but I do think it is something that other people using XSL might find useful.

I'm writing to ask two questions:

A. Is there a way within XSL to communicate an error to someone running a script? For example, if someone tries to find the determinant of a non-square matrix, it would be nice to be able to communicate what type of error occurred.

B. Once I have these written up for public consumption, what would be the best way to share them? Would it be possible to have them added to the EXSL project?



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