Hi all,

In one of my scripts, a parameter inside xsl:iterate is not being set to its initial value.

The segment of the script in question is shown below:

<xsl:iterate select="descendant::item">
                        <xsl:param name="previousfacts" select="../preceding-sibling::element()[item]/descendant::item[@type='fact']/@id" as="xs:string*"/>
                        <debug readout1="{count($previousfacts)}"

When I run this script I get the following output for the first item processed:

<debug readout1="0" readout2="" readout3="15 30 171 42 14 30 3 199 222 71 172 199 79 71 42 300 199 11"/>

It seems that "previousfacts" is being initialized as an empty sequence even though the Xpath expression inside its select attribute provides a sequence of 18 items.
I've tried omitting the "as" attribute, and I've also tried creating a sequence constructor and also tried using "for $i in ../preceding-sibling::element()[item]/descendant::item[@type='fact'] return $i/@id"  None of them manage to cause the sequence to initialize as anything other than the empty sequence.

I realize I'm not sending the whole script or the source file, etc., but I'm hoping the above is enough for someone to figure out what I'm doing wrong.



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