Hi all,
When you are comparing against a sorted list of atomic type, say xs:integer*, is there any way to alert the processor/optimizer that the list you are comparing against is sorted?

For example, say you have a sorted list of integers $OldEmployeeIDs

and you have a large employee file that contains new and old employees, and you would like to print out all the records that belong to new employees, so you may want something like:

<xsl:copy-of select="saxon:stream(document(EmployeeFile)/employees/employee[not(@EmployeeID = $OldEmployeeIDs])"/>

It would be nice to let the processor know that $OldEmployeeIDs is a sorted list to speed up the evaluation of the predicate.

I realize I could get the desired output by setting up a nested set of iterations that essentially implement the desired optimized search (which I am about to go do)... but I was wondering if there was some built-in way to achieve this.



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