I just start using Saxon. After go through some documentations, I still found it hard to write my own custom extension instruction. I have read "writing XSLT extension instructions", and the example provided in the package net.sf.saxon.option.sql. But I'm still a little confusing: the document says,

  A subclass of SimpleExpression should implement the methods getImplementationMethod() and getExpressionType(), and depending on the value returned by getImplementationMethod(), should implement one of the methods evaluateItem(), iterate(), or process().
However, there is only call() method implemented in the sql example. I'm new to XML/XSLT, hence find it hard to understand how to write my own extension elements.
Is there a tutorial of some kind which explains writing extension elements in more detail?(I have Google but found no luck, the best I can find is with older Saxon version that has different implementation). Or maybe I should go through some other XML/XSLT intermediate first?

Thanks in advance!!