Hi Michael,

We're currently planning an upgrade of some of our core libraries and would like to know if a 9.4.x Saxon version with improved schema-validation capabilities is in the pipeline. Are there any plans on releasing a version with aforementioned functionality? Or will this only end up in a newer (9.5?) version of Saxon?


On Thursday, February 9, 2012, Michael Kay wrote:
On 09/02/2012 17:06, Daan Stroep wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Nice to hear that you've been making good progress. If changes for
> this issue were to end up in a 9.4 version of Saxon, upgrading would
> definitely be a viable option for us. Could you guesstimate the
> probability/release date of such a 9.4.x Saxon version ?
> Daan
I've learnt over the years that I'm so bad at predicting the future it's
better not to attempt it. The probability of my guesstimate being
correct is near zero. Sorry.

Michael Kay

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