Running a simple test on my ubuntu 10.4 LTS I've got this error:

sly@sly-laptop:~$ java -cp /opt/SaxonHE-9-4-0-7J/saxon9he.jar net.sf.saxon.Query -t -qs:current-date()
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

  I've checked without brackets and I get an error too:

sly@sly-laptop:~$ java -cp /opt/SaxonHE-9-4-0-7J/saxon9he.jar net.sf.saxon.Query -t -qs:current-date
Saxon-HE from Saxonica
Java version 1.6.0_27
Analyzing query from {current-date}
Analysis time: 122.897813 milliseconds
Error on line 1 of *module with no systemId*:
  XPDY0002: The context item for axis step child::element('':current-date) is undefined
Query processing failed: Run-time errors were reported

  I've google'd about my issue but I can't find a solution.

  Thanks in advance for your help.