An Alpha 0.4.1 version of Saxon-CE has just been uploaded onto the Saxonica website that fixes this bug that shows itself when the XML source is set using the data-source attribute of the <script> element.
Thanks for your help in identifying this quickly,
Phil Fearon

On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 12:04 PM, Simon Pepping @ Home <> wrote:

I upgraded to Saxon CE 0.4. Even so, the instruction
<xsl:result-document href="?select=//head" method="ixsl:append-content">
does not select a node in the HTML file, while
<xsl:result-document href="#head" method="ixsl:append-content">
does. The html file contains: <html><head id=#head>...

I can see that no node is selected, because the instruction should append
two link elements, which I can see in firebug in the latter case, but not in
the former. Moreover, one link element inserts a CSS stylesheet, whose
effect is immediately visible in the latter case, but no style changes are
seen in the former.

Thanks for this product and for the vision behind it. I love Wendell Piez's
demo of the possibilities (except that the link to it from the saxonica page
has been removed?).

Regards, Simon
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