I am new to the group but would appreciate to get some help on one of the transformation issue that I am facing bit randomly.

We have an application where we post order data in form of an XML & it is parsed based on the expected XSL values for different orders.
Now sometimes during transformation I get below shown error on a parameter called archieveNameParameter

  XTDE0640: Circular definition of parameter archiveNameParameter

I checked the XML that I post but I do not find "archiveNameParameter" anywhere. 
Searching about it on Internet, i didn't find much information except that this seem to be some parameter for javax.xml.transform.Transformer

Can you please help me identify about what could result into above error & how changes in Third party jars / xml / xsl that i may need to do to resolve the issue.

BTW I also searched about XTDE0640 & it appears to be some non-recoverable dynamic error in transformation as per below definition

[ERR XTDE0640] In general, a circularity in a stylesheet is a non-recoverable dynamic error. However, as with all other dynamic errors, an implementation will signal the error only if it actually executes the instructions and expressions that participate in the circularity. Because different implementations may optimize the execution of a stylesheet in different ways, it is implementation-dependent whether a particular circularity will actually be signaled.