Hi all,

I am using Saxon 9.3 / Java and I have a "two step" transformation.
In the first transformation the arguments to an integrated extension function f1 are prepared:
---------------------- T1.xsl
<xsl:variable name="v1">
          // $compound-condition is computed before and used for building the dynamic query below:
          <xsl:value-of select="fn:concat( 'myns:f1( /myns:message[', $compound-condition, '])[1]' )"/>
// on the output transformation, iterate through each element returned by f1()
<txsl:for-each select="{$v1}">

The output of the T1.xsl is T2.xsl which contains the call to f1().

The question that I have is simple (although the answer seems complicated, at least for me):
How do I properly escape f1 in T1.xsl so that when f1 is called (in T2.xsl) the f1's argument is actually the query "string" (i.e. for example "/myns:message[...][1]") and not the result of the before mentioned query?

Best Regards,