we've run in another problem with long running processes here. We feed XML via
new StreamSource(InputStream) sources into Saxon. When stylesheets change,
Saxon picks them up without stopping the Server process. On the long run we end
up with many open *.xsl Files stopping our server from working. It seems like
Saxons TransformerFactory.newTemplates() method does not close it's InputStreams.
A quick hack workarround, returning these below class from our
handcrafted resolve()
public class SafeStreamSource
        extends StreamSource
    public SafeStreamSource(InputStream is)
    protected void finalize()
        throws Throwable
does not help, since the call of the InputStream's close now depends on the
behaviour of garbage collection: Sometimes the SafeStreamSource is cleared
early and than the Stylesheetprocessor fails to read from the now closed
This Problem is with Saxon 6.5.3. Anything to recommend about this?
Thank you,
Frank Nestel