This facility has never been supported on .NET. It's possible it can be made to work, but I certainly haven't tested it.
In Saxon 9.2 it's only supported "out of the box" in Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE - though again, it might be possible to make it work for Saxon-HE, but you're on your own.
I would add that the facility isn't actually all that useful: compiling a stylesheet from scratch doesn't take that much longer than deserializing it from the serialized version.


Michael Kay

From: Siavosh Aghassy []
Sent: 27 April 2010 23:44
Subject: [saxon] Serialize XSLT via .NET



Is there sample code on how to serialize/deserialize an XSLT through .NET?

I am currently able to serialize/deserialize through java saxon 9.1 following examples on


Compile.main(new String[] { in, out });

PreparedStylesheet.loadCompiledStylesheet(new Configuration(), new ObjectInputStream(

                        new ByteArrayInputStream(xsl)));

It seems that this has changed in Saxon 9.2, so I am not clear on how to do this in java or .NET.

Thank you for your help and contribution to XSLT 2.0