Like all extensions in the Saxon namespace, saxon:assign requires Saxon Professional Edition or greater.

Alternatively you can use the old Saxon-B release (9.1 or earlier), but this is no longer maintained.

Generally I would advise against using saxon:assign. There is usually a better way of achieving the required effect. Successive Saxon releases introduce more and more restrictions concerning the use of saxon:assign, because it breaks the declarative nature of the language and prevents optimizations. Eventually it's likely to be dropped entirely.

Michael Kay

On 5 Apr 2013, at 13:17, Preeti Maurya wrote:


I am trying to use saxon:assign,and mentioned xmlns:saxon=""
,but its showing error Unknown extension instruction,

if i used saxonsa.jar then its working properly but this jar that i am using is not a licenses version,i tried many jars provided on,

but for saxon:assign its showing error Unknown extension instruction,

Please help me out to resolve this issue.

Thanks & Regards:
Preeti S Maurya
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